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For the pickiest eater in your family.

Dry Food

Dry means variety. Our four recipes include humanely raised meat or sustainably sourced wild-caught fish, non-GMO fruits and veggies, and superfoods – to promote UTI health, aid in digestion and appeal to your cat’s palate. Plus, the recipes are rotational, so it’s easy to switch it up.

Rustic Blend

Wet food that cats run for. Each of our six flavors are made with 100% human grade ingredients. That includes humanely raised meat or sustainably sourced wild-caught fish, nutrient-rich superfoods and non-GMO fruits and veggies. As a topper or complete meal, they’re a high protein and low carb way to add moisture to your cat’s diet.


Two healthy ways to top-off your cat’s meal. The powerful probiotic in our Kefir is made from raw organic grass-fed dairy and supports healthy digestion. And our new human grade Bone Broths are a rich source of collagen and come in three tasty flavors.

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