5 Pet-Friendly Activities To Make The Holidays Exciting For Your Cat or Dog

5 Pet-Friendly Activities To Make The Holidays Exciting For Your Cat or Dog

While the holidays may feel different this year, there are still many ways we can enjoy them, and so can our pets! Keep reading to explore some pet-friendly Christmas activities you can do with your cat or dog this winter season.

1. Make delicious Christmas cat and dog treats

While you’re baking Christmas cookies, make some unique cat or dog treats as well. Check out our Cooking with Pets series to find some meal inspiration. It’s been a hard year for all of us, including our pets, so let’s make them feel a little extra special!

2. Take a walk and enjoy the neighborhood Christmas lights

It’s the holiday season, so enjoy the neighborhood Christmas lights while they’re here! Like humans, most pups enjoy bright lights and beautiful decorations as well. But if you’re living in a cooler climate, make sure to bundle up your pup! If you are searching for a dog coat, check out this adorable and functional best-seller from Canada Pooch.

3. Take a Christmas family or pet photo

Nothing is more festive than convincing the whole family to dress in ugly Christmas sweaters! Set up your phone on self-timer and have a fun Christmas family photo event. Your pet will love all the attention! And if your pup won’t look at the camera, try taping an Open Farm treat to the phone to keep their eyes on the prize.

4. Make a donation in your pet’s name

Choose a deserving animal shelter or rescue and donate in your pet’s name. They might not know it, but we’re sure they’d love giving back to help homeless dogs or cats in your community. The holiday season is not only a time to express gratitude, but also help those who may be less fortunate than you and your pet.

5. Replace the mistletoe with catnip or dog treats

As mistletoes are toxic to pets, replace them by hanging catnip or dog treats around your house or apartment. It’ll test their sniffer and keep them engaged throughout the day! Just remember to place these treats in safe locations that are reachable & will not put your pet in danger.

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