As a family-run Canadian company, we love supporting other independent businesses that put pet nutrition as their first priority. For Small Business Saturday, we interviewed Leanne, the owner of The Bone House, to share her story. 

“I created the shop out of the desire to provide my own dogs with a happy, healthy life. Back in 2009 I was living a holistic lifestyle, eating clean and using non-toxic products on myself and around my house. Finding eco-friendly, non-toxic pet gear and human grade dog food, on the other hand, was not so easy. I knew there had to be other pet parents like me frustrated by this hole in marketplace.  So I took a huge risk and opened a storefront, The Bone House. 

Most people close to me thought my concept wouldn’t fly - but it wasn’t about making money. We offer pet & planet loving humans thoughtfully curated lifestyle products that they can feel good about buying. We are passionate about pet health, and education which is big part of the shopping experience at The Bone House. People often look to us for an alternative outlook to mainstream opinions on pet nutrition. 

Beyond nutritional education, we encourage people to take a holistic approach to pet parenting, inviting them to think about all the products they spend their hard-earned dollars on. The Bone House is unique in that we offer people beautiful, non-toxic, sustainable things for themselves and their fur babies.”

Leanne, the owner of The Bone House pet store

What are your favorite Open Farm recipes?

"The Open Farm dry food is excellent and a lot about it resonates strongly with our customers. The fact that it is Certified Humane® and Ocean Wise® recommended with recyclable packaging really draws in a lot of our customers who are very conscious of what they buy and consume. We also love the Freeze Dried Raw. It’s a great topper to add that is packed with ethically sourced meat and great ingredients. We even have some teeny dog customers who feed it as a whole meal!”

The Bone House pet shop