Thank You For A Wonderful 2019

Thank You For A Wonderful 2019

aletterfromourfounders grande To our amazing Open Farm family,

To wrap up the year, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. We have officially served hundreds of thousands of Open Farm pets and we’re grateful.

Jacqueline: Let’s go back to why we started Open Farm.

I had just adopted my first dog, Bella the Pug, and saw a market in creating better quality pet apparel, so I launched Canada Pooch. Through that journey, I had adopted two more pugs – Maddie & Duncan - so yes, you can call me a crazy pug mom.

My time working in the pet industry has changed me in many ways – I became a vegetarian and my commitment to animal welfare deepened. I also began to contemplate the food I was feeding my dogs, questioning the disconnect between loving our pets and feeding them factory farmed meat.

This transformation gave way to a desire to change the standards for farm animal welfare in the pet industry. Along with my husband Isaac and brother-in-law Derek, we created Open Farm in 2014, the first ethically raised and sourced pet food. Our goal is to drive positive change in the pet industry with respect to farm animal welfare and sustainability while creating a much cleaner, healthier and higher quality food for pets.

We are so grateful to have grown our dedicated team to over 40 employees, to be found in over 4,000 storefronts and to be able to feed pets all across North America. The amazing products we’ve released and the impact we’ve had on pets, farm animals and the environment would not be possible without each and every one of you: pet parents who have joined us on our mission to Do Some Good, our amazing team, and all of our retail and supplier partners. We have so many exciting plans for 2020: new initiatives, new products and more doing some good. Thanks for joining this journey with us! foundersignature grande

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