Canine Fitness Month: How to Keep Dogs Active & Healthy

Canine Fitness Month: How to Keep Dogs Active & Healthy

After months of being cooped up because of the weather and the pandemic, spring comes as a breath of fresh air. It’s high time to shake off that winter hibernation mode and get back into shape. And that doesn’t just go for you, but for your canine buddy too!

This April, celebrate Canine Fitness and Active Dog Month by establishing a regular exercise routine for you and your pet. Pressed for ideas on how to keep a dog healthy and active? Keep reading to learn how to exercise your dog to keep them feeling their best.

Best Outdoor Exercises for Dogs

Going for a run Running around your neighborhood is a great exercise that you can do to keep your dog healthy everyday. Always keep an eye out for signs of exhaustion or heat stress and adjust accordingly--though don’t be surprised if your dog is the one setting the pace for you! To learn how to run with your dog safely, check out our blog.

Follow the leader If there is a large, open park near you or a trail that you are familiar with consider letting your dog lead the way as you follow them. It’s best to do this when your dog has mastered the basic commands so you can call their attention easily.

Play fetch This classic game is a canine favorite. Find a big, enclosed area where you can let your dog off leash safely. And in anticipation for the slobber and dirt that comes with this game, choose a toy that’s easy to clean off. Fetch is one of the best exercises for dogs, as it triggers their natural hunting instincts!

Best Indoor Exercises for Dogs

Dancing If the weather isn’t cooperating or if you feel that it’s not safe to be outdoors, consider dancing with your dog in the comfort of your own home to squeeze in some exercise! This way, you can let your inner disco queen or king out with no holds barred. Our canine companions feed off our energy, so let’s see if they’ve got moves of their own.

Motion-based dog toys Dog toys are a great way to keep your dog active when indoors, especially when they dispense treats. You can buy popular brands like KONG from the pet store, or look for DIY projects online. Fill it up with your dog’s favorite Open Farm treats and watch them go at it happily.

Tug-o-War This game is one of the most fun ways to keep your dog healthy. Get your dog’s competitive spirit running and their heart racing with an engaging game of tug-o-war. We recommend designating certain toys as tug-o-war toys so your dog doesn’t do this behavior with things that you would not like ripped apart.

Teach tricks Tricks don’t only keep your dog’s mind healthy and body active, it also strengthens your dog-fur parent relationship. Teach motion-based tricks like standing up, high-fiving, or spinning to maximize physical exercise.

Start daily health habits Exercise is most effective when done consistently. Find a window in your schedule that allows you to exercise your dog everyday. Dogs thrive on routines, so stick to it as much as you can. For more tips on building healthy habits for your dog, check out our blog.

How Open Farm Keeps Dogs Healthy and Active

Active dogs are healthy and happy dogs. With regular physical exercise, you can help your pet avoid medical issues related to obesity, and behavioral issues related to boredom and excess energy.

But remember that exercise comes hand-in-hand with good nutrition. To make sure your pet has the best fuel to power their physical activity, choose Open Farm dog food. We make sure that our products provide all the nutrients your dog needs to be happy and healthy. Shop our Dry and Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food collections, and don’t forget to stock up on delicious treats for training!

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