How to Be More Sustainable in 2021

How to Be More Sustainable in 2021

1. Clean all recycling before recycling

Did you know that only 9% of recycling actually gets recycled? If these materials are not properly cleaned or have food residue left behind, it likely will soil other materials, therefore making them unrecyclable as well. All it takes is 10 extra seconds to save tons of recycling from ending up in the landfill.

2. Resell & donate goods

Sometimes it’s hard not to shop, we understand. But if you have clothes or other goods still in a great condition and are no longer of use, consider reselling or donating these items. You’re giving these items to someone who may be in a greater need and will put them to more use. In addition, it will also reduce the shopping behavior of others as well.

3. Use compostable poop bags

Compostable poop bags are one of the best ways to reduce your single use plastics as a pet parent. To keep organic waste from landfills, choose corn starch poop bags that are fully compostable.

4. Bring reusable produce & grocery bags

Many are informed to bring reusable grocery bags, but what about produce bags? Look into purchasing reusable produce bags or using smaller bags lying around the house. Try to make your everyday purchases as environmentally friendly as possible.

5. Try growing your own food

Reduce your shopping behavior and save at the same time! Although this may not be the ideal outdoor season for everyone, start by trying to grow simple plants in your backyard, balcony or even indoors. A few easy plants to grow include basil, cherry tomatoes, mint, green onions, cilantro, parsley and many more!

6. Sign up for TerraCycle and recycle your Open Farm Pet Food bags

Save your pet food bags from the landfill by signing up for our free recycling program with TerraCycle. It's easy! Sign up and learn more about our program here.

7. Always bring a to-go cup or a reusable water bottle

Don’t feel the need to stop your coffee addition. But if your routine is to stop by a coffee shop every morning, bring a tumbler or reusable water bottle wherever you go. Coffee cups, perhaps a surprise, are not recyclable. Coffee cups are typically lined with wax as they need to hold liquid, and are an extremely unsustainable option. By making this small change, you'll will reduce hundreds of coffee cups from ending up in the landfill.

8. Spread the word

Being able to inform others to become more environmentally friendly makes a true tangible impact. Imagine if you stopped ordering single use coffee cups everyday and inspired 5 other friends to do the same. By doing this, we saved from 365 to 2,190 coffee cups from ending up in our landfills and oceans. Spread the word – it makes a difference.

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