How to Donate & Volunteer at Dog Rescues

Open Farm How to Donate and Volunteer at Dog Rescues

We can all do our part and give to those in need. Especially for those who are unable to adopt, here are five other ways to help animal shelters:

1. Donating your skills and talents

Have a knack to photography, writing, social media, or design? These skills are huge assets to rescues and are key to connecting the adopters with the rescue animals. So while you may not be able to adopt a dog yourself, you can always donate these skills to help a pet find their forever home.

2. Volunteer

Rescues are always looking for help. Get in contact with your local shelter and see how you can put in a helping hand – even when it comes to dog walks or cat petting, every small act can make a difference.

3. Donating pet food

This is how we can do our part. From February 5th – 21st, we’re donating one meal for every order on our website to Love Leo Rescue. Because every pet deserves to be treated and fed the very best. On top of that, we regularly donate to rescues throughout the year all across North America. If you know a shelter that you love and is in need of help, please contact and provide some information on the shelter. We will always try our best to help!

As for your pet, we know that sometimes finding the perfect pet food is hard. If you find that your pet’s food is no longer a fit for them, please donate the food to pets that will benefit from this much needed nutrition versus throwing it out.

4. Donating used toys, grooming supplies, and household items

Blankets, toys, cleaning supplies, bedding – anything truly helps. Donate items that you or your pet may no longer be using because they can be put to great use from other pets. Spring cleaning is coming up soon, so that can be a perfect time for us all to donate what we don’t need.

5. Foster an animal

If you have the time and space, one of the best ways you can help rescues is to foster an animal. So many animals need a temporary safe place while they recover from an injury, illness or just in need of a place to grow. Please keep in mind that while it can be very difficult when an animal you’ve been fostering has been adopted by a permanent home, know that because of your generosity, this animal has had a second chance at life in a loving home. Fostering is a very big commitment, so please ensure you have the necessities to provide a pet with a great home.

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