Why You Should Support Local Pet Stores

Why You Should Support Local Pet Stores

During the pandemic, you may have gotten used to ordering your dog food online from Amazon or other large distributors. Now that restrictions are lifting, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore your local pet store. Keep reading to learn why shopping at local pet stores is a great way to support family businesses and your community!

Why Do We Need Local Pet Stores?

When it comes to local pet stores, they truly are a diamond in the rough for pet owners! They are full of products and people who are there for you and your pet. For example, while shopping online may be convenient, you might not realize that you are purchasing dog food that is full of filler ingredients with no nutritional value. Or that a dog bed is made from heavy plastics that will sit in a landfill when you are done with it and impact the environment. At your local pet store, products are sourced from brands that the shop owners trust, and the store staff are often ready (and excited) to help you find your perfect fit!

Why Do Locally Owned Pet Stores Need Your Support?

You are probably thinking, “ok, you raise some good points, but how is my purchase going to make a difference if I already know what I’m looking for?” Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should choose local stores that benefit both you, your pet, and your community!

Benefits of Shopping at Local Pet Stores

Shopping at locally owned pet stores has a lot of benefits. Here is why you should choose them over big-box retailers.  

1. They help the environment

Shopping directly at your local pet food store has a lot of environmental benefits. For example, it removes the need for shipping materials, which are often made of plastic mixes that can be difficult to recycle. Also, local shops generally source local suppliers and recycle in-store. If you want to go the extra mile, try walking or biking to the store instead of driving!

2. You get shopping help

Experienced staff who live and breathe pets usually work at local pet stores and are ready to help you learn the ins and outs of feeding your pet. They’ll tell you what the best pet treats are, which foods to stray from, and more! 

3. High-quality products 

Since mom and pop pet food stores work on tight pricing models, they only want to supply the best products. Buy from these guys, and you will leave the store happy and wanting more. These owners know the ins and outs of their products since they had to hand-pick each distributor themselves. 

4. Saving Jobs 

After COVID-19, many locally-owned businesses have struggled to stay open, meaning every shop visit helps their company and staff recover. Where you choose to spend your money matters so why not choose to support hard working individuals who will help you in return?

Ready to support your local pet store? 

As restrictions begin to ease in your city, head on out to support your local retailers that stock Open Farm pet food. Find the nearest local pet store with our store locator here.

Written by: Emily Balogh 

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