1. They are just as well deserving of a home

Like younger dogs, senior dogs are just as in need of a loving and caring home. Often senior dogs in shelters were surrendered by their owners and had known a loving family for years, and can't understand where their family went. They just want someone to love and be back in a place they can call home. If you adopt an older dog, you can expect just as much loyalty and affection that a younger dog would give you, and sometimes more.

2. You could be saving a life

With animal shelters being frequently overcrowded, older animals often have a harder time being adopted, putting them at a higher risk of being euthanized. By choosing to adopt a senior dog, you can consider yourself a silent hero, knowing that you saved a life of a beautiful and loving animal.

3. Older dogs are already trained (and can still be trained)

Though rewarding, training a puppy can often be a little frustrating. By adopting an older dog, you’re often taking on the responsibility of an animal that already knows the common “house rules”. And contrary to popular belief, older dogs can still be trained to learn new things. They’re just as intelligent as younger dogs, and often have a longer attention span than their younger counterparts, which makes training a lot easier.

4. A more laid back companion

Senior dogs are often less demanding compared to puppies or younger dogs. Since older dogs have less energy and have been previously trained, new owners don’t necessarily have to take on as much responsibility in comparison to a younger dog. This is a great option for individuals or families who may be too busy to dedicate time to a puppy, but are looking for a new furry friend. 

5. You know what you're getting into

When adopting an older dog, you’re often left with no surprises. Since older dogs are fully developed you won’t be wondering how big they’ll grow, and you’ll know what their personality is like. This makes it a lot easier trying to choose the right dog for you, your family, and your lifestyle. 

6. Did we mention that they are also super cute?

Does this pup look familiar? This is Marnie the Dog, the senior rescue that has taken over Instagram. Marnie was given a new life at 11 years old and has been living every minute to the fullest ever since! Just imagine what great adventures you and your senior dog can get into. So when looking for a new furry best friend, consider a senior dog!