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Discounts & Promo Codes

How can I apply a promo code to my Autoship?

How to apply a promo code?

Can promo codes be extended?

What are typical terms and conditions?

Can promo codes be used multiple times?

Can I use multiple promo codes on a purchase?

Can Autoship promo codes be used on one-time purchases?

Where can I find my promo codes?

Do you offer promo codes?

Can I use a promo code on a bundle or pack?

Account & Subscription Management

What is Autoship?

How do I set up Autoship?

Can I modify or cancel my Autoship subscription?

Are there any benefits or discounts for using the Autoship service?

Will I receive notifications about my upcoming Autoship deliveries?

How can I change the frequency of my orders?

I have too much food, can I skip or delay my order?

Can I add one-time item(s) to my autoship order?

I can’t remember my password!

How do I log into my account?

I’ve logged into my account, but I am unable to see my orders/subscriptions?

I don’t have a password, I only ever logged-in using a code.


What kind of product research has been conducted? Are the results published in peer-reviewed journals?

What is the caloric value per gram, can, or cup of your foods?

Will you provide a complete nutrient analysis for the food in question?

What specific quality control measures do you use to assure the consistency and quality of your ingredients and the end product?

Where are your foods produced and manufactured?

Are your diets tested using AAFCO feeding trials or by formulation to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles?

Does Open Farm food meet WSAVA guidelines?

Do you employ a full time qualified nutritionist? Who formulates your foods and what are their credentials?

Does Open Farm have any formulas with grains?

Should I be changing my dog’s diet?

Should I avoid certain ingredients or grain-free food as a whole?

Why do you use legumes in your products?

What are legumes? What are pulses?

What types of testing does Open Farm perform on the ingredients, processes and finished products?

How Does Open Farm formulate its food? Do you consult the veterinary community during this process?

What is Taurine? Does your food contain taurine? What is the connection between taurine and protein source?

What is the latest FDA update on DCM?

What is the FDA investigating?

What is Canine DCM?

Shipping & Returns

What is your shipping policy?

Should I expect shipping delays during the holidays?

What payment methods do you accept?

Do you ship to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses?

Where do you ship?

Do I need to sign for my delivery?

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Can I return my Open Farm order?

Gently Cooked Dog Food

Can I re-freeze the Gently Cooked?

How do you serve Gently Cooked recipes?

How do I store the Gently Cooked recipes?

Where can I buy Open Farm Gently Cooked dog food?

How is Gently Cooked dog food made?

What is Gently Cooked fresh dog food?

Our Recipes

Are your recipes gluten-free?

Where can I find the "best before" date?

Is your food suitable for small and large breeds?

Are your recipes suited for my puppy or senior dog?

Does Open Farm contain any fillers?

Is Open Farm a rotational diet?

Are Open Farm recipes considered low glycemic?

Is Open Farm organic?

How should I store my Open Farm food?

Does Open Farm contain any ingredients from outside North America?

What is the Catch-of-the-Season fish concept?

Our Company

Can I try a sample of Open Farm?

Are you a retailer interested in bringing in Open Farm products?

How can I find a retailer of Open Farm in my area?

How do I recycle my Open Farm bag?

What do the packaging icons "Formulated In Canada" and "Made In The USA" mean and where are your products manufactured?

Does Open Farm test on animals?

How does Open Farm minimize its environmental footprint?

What Is "Do Some Good?"

Our Ingredients & Sourcing

Does Open Farm use any meat or poultry meals?

How can I find comfort in the safety of your food?

Where do your fruits and vegetables come from?

What does "natural flavoring" mean?

Do your meat ingredients contain antibiotics or growth hormones?

Does Open Farm contain artificial flavors or preservatives such has Ethoxyquin?

What type of testing does Open Farm perform on the ingredients, processes and finished products?

Are all of your poultry, meat and fish products raised humanely?

Why does Open Farm use exclusively ocean caught fish in our recipes?