What is Your Pet's Love Language?

What is Your Pet's Love Language?

All pets receive and show love differently. So what's your pet's love language?

1. Constant Companion

Inspired by Quality Time: They only allow a 10 ft distance between you two on most days. Circling your feet is how they show their love! Whether it's at the park or on the couch - they just like being in your presence.

2. Well-Trained Gift Giver

Inspired by Giving Gifts: When you say sit, they sit. When you tap the couch, they jump up. Give back with a well deserved Open Farm treat. Check out our healthy, protein-rich dog treats here!

3. Supportive Pooch

Inspired by Acts of Service: They always seem to know when you need those unexpected lap jumps and soft nudges the most. Right? Do something nice for your pet - like a nice bath (highly dependent on your dog's preferences) or a brisk walk in the park.

4. Smooth Barker

Inspired by Words of Affirmation: It might be tough to interpret the barks and purrs but it all means I love you. Sometimes bully rubs aren't it, and all they need to an "I love you too!"

5. Cuddling Booper

Inspired by Physical Touch: These guys are happiest with a daily belly rub, chin scratch or a nose boop. Spoil your pet with all the cuddles, all night. Then, we're sure they'll feel loved.

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