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Nourriture pour chiens crue lyophilisée à la dinde Homestead

Facile à servir et difficile à résister. Cette garniture riche en protéines ou repas complet est emballé avec de la dinde crue sans antibiotique élevée humainement. Pour plus de nutrition, nous incluons des ingrédients fonctionnels comme des légumes-feuilles d'origine locale, des graines de courge et de citrouille, des superaliments comme l'huile de noix de coco et des antioxydants comme les myrtilles.
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Turkey with Ground Bone, Turkey Livers, Turkey Necks, Turkey Gizzards
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Feeding Guidelines


Review the feeding guideline to find the appropriate feeding amount based on your dog’s weight and activity level.

Suitable For: All Puppies
Suitable for small, medium, and large breed puppies.
Puppies typically include dogs up to one year old in small and medium breeds and up to two years old for larger breeds.
, Adult Dogs, Senior Dogs
Weight(lbs): Full Meal: Cups/Day:
5 lbs
10 lbs 1
15 lbs 1⅓
20 lbs
25 lbs 2
25-50 lbs 2-4
50-100 lbs 4-5½
Weight(lbs): Full Meal: Cups/Day:
5 lbs 1⅓
10 lbs 2
15 lbs 2⅔
20 lbs
25 lbs 4
25-50 lbs 4-8
50-100 lbs 8-11

Safe Handling Instructions: Store product in a sealed bag in a cool, dry place. Wash hands, bowls and serving utensils with soap and hot water after serving. If water has been added to product, discard after 2 hours. Please note feeding guidelines are based on the dehydrated recipe. If rehydrating add 1 part water or broth to 2 part food. We recommend storing in the original bag. Once opened, we recommend feeding our Freeze Dried Raw Recipes within two months for the freshest flavor.

Nutrition & Benefits


Calorie Content: 4612 kcal me/kg, 227 kcal me/cup

Nutrient Percentage of Recipe
Crude Protein (min) 42%
Crude Fat (min) 30%
Crude Fibre (max) 5%
Moisture (max) 5%
Open Farm

Nourriture pour chiens crue lyophilisée à la dinde Homestead

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Transition to Open Farm in 10 days

FIG. 1: DAY 1–3

75% old pet food & 25% Open Farm food.

FIG. 2: DAYS 4–6

50% old pet food & 50% Open Farm food.

FIG. 3: DAYS 7–9

25% old pet food & 75% Open Farm food.

FIG. 4: DAY 10

100% Open Farm!

Better for the planet too

We make it our responsibility to minimize the impact we have without ever compromising on your pet’s nutrition.

Carbon Footprint

Nourriture pour chiens crue lyophilisée à la dinde Homestead

Nourriture pour chiens crue lyophilisée à la dinde Homestead
4.18 kg CO2e per lb *
* Equivalent to less than a 17.5 km drive to the pet store.

Breakdown of the carbon footprint (per lb)

As part of Open Farm's mission to increase transparency with our customers, a screening-level Life Cycle Assessment by an independent third party was completed for each of our products to calculate the amount of carbon emissions produced by each product (in kg CO2 per lb).

TerraCycle Packaging

All our Dry Foods packaging is free and easy to recycle through our partnership with TerraCycle, to avoid landfills and majorly reduce environmental impact.


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